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Unlock your gaming potential

Have you ever wondered how the pros become so amazing at the games they play? Is it their faster reflexes, decisive actions, or deep understanding of the game? To truly understand we need to take a further step back. We need to learn and understand what the gamers see and how they understand what they are seeing.

Before your quick reaction time to dodge the enemy’s stun, before your amazing 360 no-scope headshot that wins the game, you need to to see what’s happening. Before your fingers do amazing things, your eyes need to see the path to victory.

Analyze Your Game

You could spend hours practicing and later discover you are not improving. In fact, you could be developing bad habits which compound over time and ultimately lead to you playing worse. To truly improve, you need to visualize, capture, and analyze each moment with your eyes to understand the situation and how to react.

Pros understand the importance of map and screen awareness and how detrimental bad habits can become. Fixations or tunnel vision can cause gamers to lose sight of the overall goal and miss vital information that could mean the difference from victory to defeat.

SteelSeries and Tobii

SteelSeries, an industry leading gaming gear and accessory manufacturer has teamed up with Tobii, the world leader in eye tracking solutions to develop the world’s first training device to improve your gaming performance. It tracks your eyes, analyzes the data, benchmarks your stats to your favorite players and provides real time feedback to really improve your play.

SteelSeries Sentry. . .See what it takes to win.

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