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Tested and approved by a team of Indy 500 and Simracing champion drivers.


The Simraceway® S1 Steering Wheel offers unmatched functionality and customization.


Creators of Simraceway, Ignite Technologies, helped create the SRW-S1 Steering Wheel.


No mounts. No pedals. No seats. SRW-S1 is designed to go with you. Steer away.

Hardware Heaven

"Looking at the build quality of the SRW-S1 first it is hard to fault the product."

"The rubber contoured grips feel great in the hand, offering loads of comfort and the paddles on the back work well with just the right amount of resistance."

Score: 9/10

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"This is the first wheel we have ever seen that can be unhooked and setup in the same amount of time it would take to plug in a mouse or keyboard. "

Score: 9/10

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Score: 8/10

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Funky Kit

"For someone who is cramped on space and cannot fit a full racing wheel set the SRW-S1 racing wheel is a perfect route to take for a racing fan."

Score: 8.5/10

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The Slanted

Score: 8/10

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Nerd Reactor

"It is a very solid, sturdy piece of equipment. One which feels built to take some abuse."

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VG Revolution

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The raceway is yours.

Ready. Set. Race.

The Simraceway® S1 Steering Wheel is a high-performance, handheld PC racing wheel co-designed by SteelSeries and Ignite Technologies. The portable, motion-sensor wheel features a patented throttle and brake lever system that offers a fully simulated racing experience within hands reach. We’ve collaborated with and tested the SRW-S1 Wheel with top ranked Indy 500 race car drivers and Simracing World Champions.

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Stay in Control

Everything you need, from brake balance controls to assist setting dials, are always in reach. No other wheel on the market combines this level of customization and functionality. Click the image below for a full overview of the SRW-S1′s button mapping:


In Your Hands

The wheel’s unique design means you can take it everywhere and use it anywhere. There are no pedal sets or bulky seats. The Simraceway S1 is a handheld joypad and wheel combined that brings a true-to-life race set-up to your laptop or desktop computer.

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Full Range

You can experience full-range acceleration and braking on the back of the S1 Wheel. The right paddle – for acceleration/throttle – allows you the ability to vary the amount of throttle input, from feathering to fully depressing it for maximum acceleration. The paddle on the left – for braking/stopping – allows you the ability to vary the amount of braking input from, feathering to fully depressing for full braking force. 


Brake Balance Control

Brake balance control (aka “brake bias”) allows you to change the brake balance to the front or rear of the vehicle. If a driver were to hit the brakes with a rear brake bias, he is more likely to spin out of control. However, if a driver were to hit the brakes with a front brake bias, his is more likely losing his ability to steer into a corner. A balance must be found. We have a button for that.

Plug and play


Plug it in. Choose your game. Play. Sure, you can customize every button, but only if you want to. There is no complicated configuration required when used with Simraceway™ and most PC racing games.

What’s Your Style?

The SRW-S1 wheel adapts to your driving style based on the way you steer. You’re going to do it in 1 of 3 ways: Over-steer, under-steer and neutral.

Drivers who prefer over-steer like to have the rear of the car loose and the front dialed in. This allows drivers to use the throttle to correct their driving line or to use it to aid in steering. It also means there is more risk of losing control.

Drivers who prefer under-steer like to have the rear of the car dialed in and the front loose. While it becomes harder to make a turn at higher speeds, it does provide stability and reduces the chances of losing control.

Drivers who prefer a neutral setup like to have both the rear and the front of the vehicle dialed in. This allows drivers to compromise between over-steer and under-steer.


Where to?

Everywhere. The Simraceway® S1 Steering Wheel can be used with all PC racing games including:

  • iRacing
  • F1 2011
  • Simraceway®
  • GTR
  • Live for Speed
  • DiRT
  • DiRT 2
  • GTR 2
  • Test Drive Unlimited
  • Need for Speed Shift
  • Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit
  • Need For Speed Underground
  • Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition
  • Blur
  • + Any other PC racing game on the market.
  • Some features, including the Assists dials and the shift indicator LEDs, may not be compatible with certain titles.

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    Get a Grip

    The rubberized wheel grips have an ergonomic shape that allows you to keep a comfortable grasp to steer as you move around the controller to brake, accelerate, shift, look back, request a pit stop and everything else in order to drive and win.

    Total Flexibility

    While the wheel comes preconfigured to operate seamlessly with Simraceway®, many of its controls can be customized*, so you can program them to match your driving – and gaming – preferences. Find out more about the simulated racing experience at www.simraceway.com.

    Developed with gamers

    Used by the Pros

    The SRW-S1 Steering Wheel has been tested and approved by professional racing drivers including four-time IndyCar Series winner, Dario Franchitti and double Indy 500 Champion, the late, great and much missed, Dan Wheldon as well as SimRacing stars, David Greco and Bruno Marques.


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