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About Tyloo

In spite of being considered the youngest of the bunch, TyLoo is not to be underrated. Taking over, and completely dominating the Asian competitive gaming scene through solid event performance as well as deliberate, dead-on player acquirements and transfers, the organization expresses a strong desire to continuously be the entity that stands out strongest, when it comes to professional gaming in Asia.

TyLoo warrants a rarely seen dedication, hunger and desire to progress, as they proceed to valuably engang in the research, development and testing of SteelSeris peripherals.


StarCraft II
WarCraft III
WarCraft III: DotA

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Team Products


Specially designed non-slip rubber base prevents the pad from sliding.


Flawless, steady performance when using both optical and laser mice.


High quality cloth with optimized surface ensures a precise and consistent glide.


Features artwork from Asia's most forceful gathering of gamers, TyLoo.
Team Videos

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Recent achievements

Recent achievements


International E-Sports Festival 2010, Wuhan
1st ($14,000)

Arbalet Cup Asia 2010, Almaty
3rd ($3,000)

World e-Sports Masters 2009, Hangzhou
3-4th ($5,000)

International Esports Festival 2009, Suwon
2nd ($2,000)

Extreme Masters 4 Global Challenge 2009, Chengdu
4th ($2,500)

Extreme Masters 3 Continental Finals Asia, Chengdu
4th ($4,000)

WarCraft III

G League Season 5 Grand Final 2011, Shanghai
1st ($12,400)

ECL Grand Final 2010, Beijing
1st ($4,700)


Dota Masters Tournament 2011, Shen Yang
1st ($3,100)