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Winning is Everything. And from day one, we have been focused on making professional gaming gear that provide meaningful benefits to gamers of all skill-level, with the most demanding being those gamers whose lively hood depends on the performance of our products. We believe, as most gamers do, in winning, not trying. This is why we help organize and support tournaments around the globe, in games that range from fast-paced First Person Shooters to tactical Real Time Strategy. We engage in all event types, from smaller grassroots tournaments organized by various passionate community sites to major international world championships and other grand slam tournaments. We bring various levels of support to 1000+ tournaments a year, on this page we highlight a few of them.

SteelSeries iron.lady

The SteelSeries iron.lady Tournament brings together the best female Warcraft®III: Reign of Chaos(tm) gamers from throughout Asia and the top-ranked international female Defense of the Ancients (DotA) players to compete for grand pizes and the ultimate title of “Super iron.lady”. Debuting as a live event in 2007, SteelSeries iron.lady quickly became one of the most recognized invitational tournaments for female gamers on the planet. The event spectators and live coverage of the latest three-day event in Shanghai reached an audience of 3.7 million viewers in China alone. As a cornerstone event in female competitive gaming, the three-day SteelSeries iron.lady tournament presents talented players with the opportunity to showcase their determination, stamina and skill.

SteelSeries King of the Hill

We're really proud of our SteelSeries King of the Hill series, which is one of the largest community-driven gaming tournaments in the world. It is executed on a national or regional level on four different continents. The free-to-play tournaments are based on community voted matchups against the reigning King of the Hill team or player, with cash and product prizes distributed in a winner takes it all format. Selected gaming community partners in North America, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, China, United Kingdom, Russia, The Netherlands, Australia and other countries have partnered with SteelSeries to host and cover these tournaments. The special mixture of editorial coverage, community voting and cash prizes has given competitive gamers all over the world an occasion to compete, promote their skills to friends and to ultimately win.

Ultimate Gaming Tour

SteelSeries and Media Markt teamed up to organize and execute Ultimate Gaming Tour, and created a nationwide tournament with all matches being played in Media Markt stores across Sweden. The format was 1vs1, the game was Counter-Strike and the prize was 100,000 SEK (around 13k USD) for the single best player in the tournament. With more than 600 participants, fighting for dominance in 14 Media Markt stores, UGT quickly became recognized as an elite 8-week gaming tour. Players, both experienced and in-experienced, had a chance to experience professional-style tournament play, use and be exposed to some of the best gaming equipment in the industry and get a taste for the cut-throat attitudes and pressures known in the professional gaming circuit.