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Electronic Sports, abbreviated eSports, is used to describe professional or competitive gaming.

It’s a term that many people find somewhat amusing or puzzling the first time they hear it, mostly because “sports” is associated with physical activities like football, soccer, basketball, etc. But, we define sport as an organized, competitive, and skillful activity requiring a standardized governing set of rules. The way we consume entertainment and media, the way we interact with our friends, even the connected world of social media, all of it is consistently evolving around us. And so is this entire sub-culture of gaming.

The pure raw skill required to become a world champion in Quake Live is probably only really understood by hardcore gamers, but make no mistake, it requires passion, dedication, skill, training, intelligence and lightning fast reflexes to even enter into the pro circuit, never mind be considered good enough to be one of the best.

From inception, we have believed in eSports. As a result, our corporate philosophy is to take a substantial portion of our revenue and put it back into the gaming community to help encourage industry growth. We support our community in numerous ways, ranging from co-hosting tournaments like SteelSeries iron.lady and SteelSeries King of the Hill, and supporting gaming competitions of all sizes, to promoting the top as well as up-and-coming gaming teams/organizations.

By working with the best of the best, the elite of professional gaming, we don’t just help support something we believe in, ee also get invaluable feedback and input during our product development. For us it makes sense. If we can make a product that is good enough for the best of the best, people who demand extreme performance, extreme consistency, extreme precision and extreme comfort, we’ll succeed in making a product that is excellent for the rest of us.

Winning is Everything.