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SteelSeries Partners With Multi-Gaming Organisation Meet Your Makers

SteelSeries, a leading manufacturer of innovative professional gaming gear, announced today a new partnership with the professional multi-gaming team Meet Your Makers (MYM). With the new partnership all MYM players will be playing using gaming accessories from SteelSeries.

This includes mouse pads from the SteelPad line, headsets from the SteelSound line and MYM players will furthermore utilize the forthcoming all-in-one security solution SteelSecurity.

Both organisations have high expectations for the new partnership, which is effective immediately.

“With this new partnership two very strong brands join forces to conquer additional grounds on the ever-evolving eSports market,” said Mark. P. Fries, MYM CEO. “SteelSeries is a company that shares the same spirit, innovation and passion towards professional gaming as we do and is therefore a tailored partner for MYM in all aspects.”

“We’re delighted that MYM have chosen to play with our professional gaming gear,” said Danny N. Ramkvist, Gaming Marketing Manager for SteelSeries. “It’s a world-class organisation, which boasts some incredible talented players, and we hope our products will help them achieve even more in the future.”

About SteelSeries

SteelSeries is a leading manufacturer of gaming accessories, including headsets, mouse pads and mouse accessories. SteelSeries have been on the forefront of professional gaming gear for 5 years, thanks to continued innovation and product development in cooperation with leading professional gamers. All SteelSeries products are developed in co-operation with professional gamers to ensure optimum performance and durability. SteelSeries supports the growth of electronic sports through aggressive sponsoring of teams and support of organisations, news sites, communities, tournaments and LAN-events all over the world. For additional information, visit http://www.steelseries.com.

About MYM

Team Meet Your Makers (red. MYM) was established in Denmark in 2001. MYM is one of the world’s leading professional multi-gaming teams, featuring some of the best players in Warcraft III, Starcraft:Broodwar and Counter-Strike. MYM has official European offices in Denmark and Germany and is player and crew wise represented in 21 different countries, spread out all over the world. Furthermore, they feature one of the largest combined team/community pages in the world.