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SteelSeries on Taiwanese airwaves

The Taiwanese TV channel Videoland will air a new episode of gamegx tomorrow, which will feature the two regular hosts Killer Doll & O.D. playing Counter-Strike against the popular Taiwanese popband Typhoon. The episode was filmed at the Aztec cybercafe.

Featured in the program is Michael von Essen-Müller, who presented Typhoon with prizes (from our line-up of headsets and mouse pads) after they had won 16-9 over the hosts of the program.

D@rren, one of the members in Typhoon, revealed after the program that he plays Counter-Strike on a regular basis.

The program is airing January 21st 2006 at Videoland, more information (in Taiwanese) can be found at the Videoland homepage.

A few images from the filming;