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SteelSeries Announces SteelSeries Siberia SK full-size USB headset

SteelSeries, a leading manufacturer of innovative professional gaming gear, today announced the SteelSeries Siberia SK full-size USB headset. The limited edition of the bestselling gaming headset is released to commemorate SK Gaming’s 10 year anniversary.

The SteelSeries Siberia SK full-size USB headset was developed in cooperation with professional gamers to ensure that the soundscape, specifications and comfort is suitable for long gaming sessions. But the SteelSeries Siberia SK full-size USB headset is also designed for multi-functionality. Apart from using the headset for PC-gaming, this product has been designed so gamers can use it with their favorite MP3-player, handheld gaming device or practically any other kind of portable digital device.

SteelSeries Siberia SK full-size USB headset highlights:

- Blue SK Gaming colors

- Designed for gaming + MP3-players

- Extremely comfortable

- Separate microphone

- USB soundcard with virtual 7.1 surround


The headset includes a USB soundcard featuring virtual 7.1 surround, extremely suitable for gaming, music and movies. Supports 3D positional. The 12 channel equalizer allows for tweaking to personal preferences, while the built-in effects processor can provide ambience and other effects. The limited edition headset is designed in SK Gaming trademark black and blue colors, including the separate microphone, volume control and USB soundcard.

Included is a free 3 month subscription to SK Insider valued 20 Euro.

SK Gaming was founded in 1997 by German Quake-players under the name Schroet Kommando. For the past 10 years the SK Gaming organization has been an innovator in eSports and competitive gaming on a number of important areas. In 2003 SK Gaming was the first organization to contract their FPS-gaming team and was in 2004 the first organization to sell a contracted player to another organization. The gaming organization has fostered some of the best players in the history of professional gaming, resulting in amazing achievements and personal rewards for the players. In 2003 SK Gaming’s Counter-Strike team became the first team to win prize money in excess of $150.000 USD, in 2006 SK Gaming’s Quake IV squad won 8 out of 10 international tournaments and in 2007 players from SK Gaming’s race division won a ‘real’ car: a BMW M6.

SteelSeries and SK Gaming started co-development of professional gaming gear in 2003, resulting in the world’s best-selling hard plastic mouse pad for professional gaming: SteelSeries S&S. A gaming surface that since its release has won numerous CPL events as well as major international grand-slam events such as WCG, ESWC and WEG.

About SteelSeries

SteelSeries is a leading manufacturer of gaming peripherals and accessories, including headsets, keyboards, mice, software, and gaming surfaces. SteelSeries have been on the forefront of professional gaming gear since its inception in 2001, thanks to continued innovation and product development in cooperation with leading professional gamers. All SteelSeries products are developed in co-operation with professional gamers to ensure optimum performance and durability. SteelSeries supports the growth of competitive gaming and electronic sports through aggressive sponsoring of teams and support of communities, tournaments and LAN-events all over the world. For additional information, visit http://www.steelseries.com.